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Hot Water Tank Services

Hot Water Tank Services

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Functionality, specialized features such as power venting and household demand are important factors to consider when you’re looking to purchase a new hot water tank. So is the energy source – electric, natural gas, and propane-powered high-efficiency hot water tanks are all available options. Our professionals can help you make the best decision so you’re happy with your investment. We also have plenty of experience with all types, models, and brands of water heaters – so we are ready to help with your repair and maintenance needs.

Our Hot Water Tank Services

Hot Water Tank Sales

With so many high-efficiency hot water tanks on the market these days, being an informed consumer is a good thing. Without knowing all of the options available, and if you did not know your household water usage and demands, how would you ever choose the best hot water tank for you and your home? Our HVAC specialists can help with these important decisions and more!

Hot Water Tank Repair

Your hot water tank is an important household feature and there’s nothing like an ice cold shower in the middle of winter – or any time for that matter. Hot water tanks tend to be pretty reliable, but unfortunately, there may come a time that this appliance requires repair. If you notice an issue with your hot water tank, such as little or no hot water, water that smells or is rusty, strange noises or even a leak, give us a call immediately. We will diagnose the problem and repair the unit, giving you back the convenience of hot water promptly.

Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Whether you invest in a new hot water tank or you’re looking to keep your existing unit, tank maintenance is essential in extending its life and avoiding major repairs. Just with anything these days, a little effort goes a long way. This includes making sure that your hot water tank is running effectively and efficiently, there are no leaks, the temperature of the water is correct and more. By having our HVAC specialists inspect and maintain your tank, you’ll enjoy consistent hot water and a safer unit overall.

Hot Water Tank Rental vs. Ownership Repair

Many Canadian homeowners choose to rent a hot water tank for their home, thinking that this will bring peace of mind and money savings in terms of reduced concern about tank repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, we have heard many hot water tank rental stories where homeowners were unable to get out of rental contracts and new home buyers are stuck with a rental contract from the previous owner. As a better option, we recommend that you purchase your hot water tank. When it’s completely paid for, you’ll have an asset that adds value to your home, instead of a liability that detracts from it. We can often help homeowners to finance their hot water tank purchase with a cheaper monthly payment than renting. In addition, our Home Warranty Protection Plan will provide peace of mind in terms of repairs and maintenance.

Ready to own the best hot water tank for you and your household? Give us a call to get started today.