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boiler services

Boiler Services

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Staying warm in the Canadian cold is important and achieved by the heart of your heating system – your boiler. Depending on which type you have, however, your boiler can do more than just heat your home. Heat only units provide hydronic heating – water is heated inside the boiler and then transported through baseboards, radiators, or even pipes under the floor or driveway (also known as radiant heating). On the other hand, combination units provide home heating but also domestic hot water. This simply means any hot water being used by the home’s occupants – including water for showers, sinks, dishwashers, etc. Since combination boilers eliminate the need for a second appliance for domestic hot water, they help you save on fuel, maintenance, space, and energy consumption. Ultimately, most people find combi-boilers to be the most cost-effective, but we will help you determine what is best for you and your household.

Our Boiler Services

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Whether you need a new system or a replacement boiler, we offer fast and reliable service so you can warm up without the wait. Our mid-efficiency and high-efficiency boilers have ratings between 80% and 95% A.F.U.E., which means lower operating costs for you. Our professionals can walk you through the entire purchase and installation process from start to finish, ensuring that you’re confident with your investment and understand the features and advantages of whatever you decide.


Unfortunately, your hard-working boiler unit may break or wear over time. Boilers can be intricate systems and the repairs are best left to a professional to avoid injury or further damage. There are a few signs that could mean your unit needs repair:

  • lack of heat or hot water (due to issues with a thermostat or a failed valve)
  • water leaks (usually due to a malfunctioning internal part) or less boiler pressure
  • a strange smell (gas leaks are extremely dangerous and a professional should be called immediately)
  • your water is slow to heat from the tap (could mean there is a circulation problem)
  • rising energy bills (a boiler working at just 70% or lower could cost a significant amount more per month due to inefficiencies)

If the issue is not addressed promptly, it could lead to more significant damage or total failure. Contact us today if you think there is something wrong with your boiler system. Or, sign up for our Home Warranty Protection Plan to enjoy worry-free boiler repairs.

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boiler maintenance


Once you make an investment in a boiler or have had repairs, you’ll want to maintain the unit properly to avoid recurring or new issues. Increasing the longevity and efficiency of your unit with the help of our professionals can help you to get the most out of your investment. Boiler maintenance services should include a rigorous visual inspection, combustion and vent checks, basic cleaning of the burner and combustion chamber and an overall system check. An added bonus? Boilers that are properly and routinely cleaned, inspected, tuned and maintained are typically safer!