“LifeBreath believes breathing fresh, clean air is at the core of a healthy home”

Today’s homes are built differently than the homes of years gone by. As energy costs go up we seal our homes up tighter which results in poor air quality and potential health problems for you and your family. GO Heating & Cooling has the answer – rejuvenate your home with fresh, clean outdoor air.

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Lifebreath is a Canadian company that specializes in air quality. The units are manufactured right here in London Ontario  and they offer a healthy solution to our air tight homes.

Five Seasons Electro AirElectro Air system success has been based on a visionary outlook that emphasizes helping those with allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases, including auto-immune diseases triggered by environmental pollutants.



GO technicians are factory trained to ensure your unit is operating at its peak efficiency.

If you need a Humidifiers or Air Purifier let GO determine your specific needs.

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